New Product available soon

A new product line has just been added to the site. DryFluid who make cutting edge lubricant solutions for RC and other sports and hobby applications has two different lube types to suit Heli’s, and we will be carrying both.

Along with offering excellent lubrication properties for our specific requirements, DryFluid is formulated to have low dirt and dust retention which is critical in reducing wear of components.

I can personally recommend both the DryFluid Extreme Gear lube and DryFluid Extreme Heli lube as I have been using the products for over a year with great success. The Gear Lube can be bushed onto all gears and even used in servo gears and thrust bearings, while the Heli lube is great for tail-sliders, the swash and bearings without gumming up or attracting dirt over time. For thrust bearings, apply the Gear lube to the thrust washer, let it dry for a few minutes and then apply a second coat before assembly.

The first shipment is on the way from Germany and the stock will be added to the shop as soon as it gets here.

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