Heli Professional soXos Strike7.1 (White)

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Construction kit content:

  • SOXOS STRIKE 7.1 Kit
  • Motor pinion 6 and 8mm for motors from 520-560KV / 12S
  • Battery plate
  • Aluminium servo arm suitable for all common servo types
  • Canopy in the colour of your choice
  • Main rotor blades 1st-RC 690mm, in the same colour as the canopy
  • Tail rotor blades 1st-RC 105mm, in the same colour as the canopy
  • Instructions

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When developing the STRIKE 7.1, the main priority was to increase the tail speed. The gear ratio is new at 1: 5.05. This means that very good tail performance can be achieved even with low RPM. As a result of the redesign, we have also made further improvements / changes such as the one-way, belt tensioner, canopy lock, rotor head damping, tail hub damping, etc. The 5 different coloured canopies, which also come with matching rotor blades, round off the new development. This enables us to fully cover your needs. The new SOXOS STRIKE 7.1 is not just a helicopter but is an extremely convincing product that claims absolute market leadership.

The canopies and the enclosed rotor blades are available in the following colours: a striking neon yellow, neon orange, a stylish white, a very beautiful green and a noble red. The canopies were deliberately made with a matt surface. Timely, noble, and stylish. So, you can let your personality flow into your own equipment and vary the colour of the helicopter.

Years of experience, enormous powers of conviction and many ingenious development ideas have gone into this helicopter. For the SOXOS STRIKE 7.1 to become this unique helicopter, a whole team worked in the background with specialist knowledge and excellent competence.

Technical Specifications:
Weight without components and blades: approx. 2180g
Rotor blade length: 685 – 710mm
Tail rotor blade length: 105mm
Tail ratio: 1: 5.05
Main gear ratios: 7.94 – 10.06 (9.43 included in the kit)
Maximum size of the motor: Ø 63mm, height 64mm, motor shaft length from 20 – 56mm
Maximum dimensions of the Lipo battery: width 62mm, height 68mm, length 350mm

Improvements / changes from the STRIKE 7
One-way, belt tensioner, canopy lock, redesign of the tail boom, rotor head damping,
Tail speed: 1: 5.05
Canopy Colours
Neon yellow, neon orange, white, green, red
Canopy surface: matt
Main and tail rotor blade colours: neon yellow, neon orange, white, green, red

Recommended components – not included in the KIT
Flybarless system
Regulator: 12S from 130A
Motor: 700 – 850 class with 450 – 560KV / 6mm or 8mm shaft,
Motor shaft length from 20 – 56mm
(Maximum size motor: Ø 63mm, height 64mm)
Swashplate servos 3pcs.: min.14kg / cm
Tail servo: min. 6kg / cm
12S battery 4’000 – 6’500mAh (maximum size drive battery: width 62mm, height 68mm,
length 350mm)

Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 100 × 25 × 20 cm


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