SoXos Strike 7 announced

At Rotor Live 2019 Heli-Professional announced and displayed their new 700 size heli, the soXos Strike 7. Now with a belt driven tail, stronger drive system and relocated oneway bearing it is designed to be able to handle even the most powerful motors and demanding 3D flights. The new Strike 7 retains many of the innovative features from earlier models such as the unique rotary tail control lever and single piece, milled alloy, super strong and lightweight main frame while adding a sleek and stunning wrap-around canopy, new frame lowers and landing gear.

Soxos Australia have one of the new Strike 7 and will be displaying and flying it at Heli Heatwave 2019 in Cootamundra, NSW, 14-17 March. More detail on pricing, pre-orders and availability to follow soon.



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