***NEWS FLASH*** VTX blade prices massively reduced

Thanks to updated pricing from the factory we are very happy to be able to pass on some large saving for the VTX blades to our customers. This is not a special price or discount, it is a readjustment of the normal retail price!

The best blades on the market (and recent winners of the Global 3D Masters class) are now available for $188.99 for the VTX 717 and VTX 697 sizes. This is a very substantial saving and is available right now on our existing stock. We have a new order of blades being packed at the moment and will also be stocking the VTX 477 size with this order.

Unfortunately we missed out on the first production run of the VTX 557 blades with the demand from Europe and the US taking up all of the limited supply, but we have secured stock from the next production run and they will be available in August.

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