SOXOS 600 price drop

Permanent price reduction on the super SOXOS 600! Thanks to repricing from the factory we are now able to offer the SOXOS 600 airframe (without Blades) for the very competitive price of $749.

The 600 is capable of being setup as an excellent beginner heli offering great stability, low disc loading and long run times when configured for low head speed on 6s but can also be a 3d monster with a 12s setup. With the flexibility to fit 6s to 12s packs anywhere from 3300-5800 mAh and main blade sizes from 600mm to 630mm, it’s one of the most versatile and customisable 600’s on the market. Great for hard 3d, soft 3d, sports and learners with an impressive presence in the air.

The 550 and 600 canopies are interchangable and we can replace the stock Green/Blue canopy with another colour (if in stock) when you order, just send us an email at and we will confirm the change for you before pickup or shipping.

So now there is the choice of the smaller SOXOS 550 airframe with main and tail blades for $799 or the stretched 600 version without blades for $749.




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